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Comprehensive Organic Transformations : Anton V. Dubrovskiy :

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Comprehensive Organic Transformations

By systematically treating each functional group in turn the work also identifies what is not known, thus pointing the way to new research areas Follows the systematic layout of the successful COFGT reference work, based on the arrangement and bonding of hetero-atoms around a central carbon atom The work will save researchers valuable time in their research as each chapter is written by experts who have critically read and reviewed the literature and presented the best methods of forming every known functional group.

Volume 7 Indexes. Cumulative Subject Index. University of York, York, UK. Landesberg, Adelphi University, CHOICE - Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, "The second edition of this very useful reference consists of reviews written by leading scientists who evaluate and summarize methods for organic functional group transformations. Powered by.

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2nd Edition

Sulfonate Esters. Organoboron Compounds.

0-471-19031-4 Comprehensive Organic Transformations, Second Edition

Organoaluminum Compounds. Organogallium Compounds. Organoindium Compounds.

Organothallium Compounds. Organotin Compounds. Organotellurium Compounds. Organozirconium Compounds. Organochromium Compounds.

Introduction to Transformations of Functions

Organoiron Compounds. Organoruthenium Compounds. Organocobalt Compounds. Organorhodium Compounds. Organopalladium Compounds. Organocopper Compounds. Organosilver Compounds. Organozinc Compounds. Organomercury Compounds. Organolutetium Compounds.

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Allylic Halogenation. Benzylic Halogenation. Ultracentrifugation Organoaluminum Gallium Indium and Thallium. Dieckmann and Related Reactions.

Organosilicon Compounds. Organogermanium Compounds.