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The main problem arises of poisoning of the zeolite-containing catalysis. This problem is solved by using passivators. Our aim consist in the synthesis of new passivators for catalytic cracking and deep catalytic cracking. References 1. Baranova, T. Zangelov, E. Karakhanov, S. Lysenko, and M. Baranova, and S. Catalysts based on mesoporous materials We are intersted in the development of new catalyst for petrochemistry using mesoporous metal oxides.

The objective is to synthesize and thoroughly characterize such materials and to test them for stability and catalytic performance in a number of reaction: hydroisomerization of butane, pentane-hexane and diessel oil, heavy fuel oil, alkylation and hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil.

Lysenko, S. Zangelov, N. Kovaleva, A. Sungurov, and E. Baranova, A. Sungurov, N. Kovaleva, and E.

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Ivanov A. Design of supramolecular metal complex catalytic systems for organic and petrochemical synthesis. Russian Chemical Reviews.

Karakhanov, A. Maximov, P.

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  2. Macromolecule-Metal Complexes (MMC-8) by Eishun Tsuchida, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®.
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    Complex Ion Formation

    Maksimov, and E. Petroleum Chemistry, Vol. Translated from Neftekhimiya, Vol. Zhuchkova, T. Filippova, and A.

    Macromolecular complex

    Maksimov, T. Buchneva, and E. Maximov, E. Runova, Y. Kardasheva, M. Terenina, T. Buchneva, E. N