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Sort order. Angst and Stupidity I really hate it when authors take intelligent characters from previous books and turn them into immature bumbling idiots. And the ending was just too sad and very unnecessary!! View 2 comments. Oct 21, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it really liked it Shelves: adultery-or-infidelity , wickedly-funny , read , twins , good-secondary-romance , historical. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So when I first started reading, I despised Sophie's betrothed.

What a disgusting man he was to plan on marrying Sophie while setting up a mistress with whom he was in love! However, once we got to know him and Madeline a little better, I admit I softened towards him a great deal, even though he was still a big ole chucklehead. The resolution with Madeline was a bit far-fet So when I first started reading, I despised Sophie's betrothed.

The resolution with Madeline was a bit far-fetched, but still sweet. Sophie's parents also annoyed me. I can't abide adultery, and despite the fact that Sophie hinted that a lot of his "public" dalliances were designed to spark a reaction in his wife, that doesn't change the fact that he still carried on multiple extramarital affairs. It was nice that she finally forgave him and let him back in her bed, but adultery is such an automatic squick for me that even that wasn't all that appealing. To be honest, I found both of those side romances to be more intriguing than that between Patrick and Sophie.

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Not that there was anything wrong with them, mind you, and I definitely enjoyed the story as a whole, but her pretending to be uneducated so's not to scare him off and acting as though nothing ever bothered her even though I understand her reasoning given her upbringing annoyed the pie out of me. And Patrick, I'm sorry man I wouldn't allow my spouse to go off unattended with their ex-fiance for hours at a time without at least asking WTH they were doing.

Even with all that, it was an entertaining read, so 4 Stars View 1 comment.

This series is a bit of a mess. Temper tantrums, meanness and lack of communication are not patched over by good hair. Some of the lines Patrick used early on in their relationship put me in mind of a high school boy.

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Just the tip I wanted something insubstantial after the Novik. Boy did I get it. Mar 11, Natasa rated it really liked it Shelves: regency-romance , owned-books. I love Eloisa James storylines. She always creates fascinating characters and then places them in impossible situations. She brings them to a satisfying and sometimes surprising conclusion.

Apr 14, Miranda Davis rated it liked it. Didn't love it or even like it all that much by the end. I did cry at one point, but I felt whipsawed by confusion. Or worse, a bit manipulated rather than moved. There were two secondary couples who added some sly romance. I did finish all pp. For my money, there are better gut-wrenching HRs and better lighthearted HRs and better misunderstanding-based HRs out there.

Jan 14, Thenia rated it really liked it Shelves: , romance , historical-romance , series , reviewed. Our heroes are stubborn, obstinate and prejudiced. Sophie is sure that marrying a rake will lead to heartbreak so she refuses Patrick even though they're caught in a compromising position. Patrick is sure that the reason Sophie rejected him is his lack of a title. They're both wrong but it'll take them quite some time to actually figure that out. Lots of wrong turns make them drift apart until a traumatic and unexpected event helps them get closer and finally talk and sort their issues out.

Apart fr Our heroes are stubborn, obstinate and prejudiced.

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Apart from Sophie and Patrick, Braddon finds love as well and drags Sophie in one of his crazy schemes in order to get the girl. Patrick may have needed more time to get there, but towards the end he becomes a great husband and father, a very likable character. Last in the series comes unlucky Quill's story.

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Looking forward to it! Apr 08, Jenny Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-novels , reread. My second Eloisa James novel. I loved Sophie and I will always have a soft spot for the Foakes Twins! A go to re-read book. Plus, we get Quil! Not as great as the first one, but I'm not complaining. I read Potent Pleasures a year ago and was struck by how emotional and passionate the story was.

I thoroughly disliked the hero though, but his brother seemed nice enough so I gave his book a try too. However, although the hero WAS better than Alex, his twin, the book wasn't as powerful as the first. Patrick and Sophia have been caught in a compromising position, but even though he proposed to her, she refused him.

Sophia wants a practical marriage, based on friendship rather than the passion sh I read Potent Pleasures a year ago and was struck by how emotional and passionate the story was. Sophia wants a practical marriage, based on friendship rather than the passion she feels for Patrick, since she has seen how passion and jealousy have destroyed her parents. So, she accepts Braddon Chatwin's proposal, who's more like a brother to her. Patrick is stung by the rejection, thinking that Sophia rejected him because he's titless. As things turn out though, Patrick does find himself married to Sophia and he's quite pleased with that, as he couldn't get her out of his mind.

Their marriage seems to be a passionate one, but the first cracks appear when the honeymoon is over and they're back to London. Patrick is very jealous of her continuing friendship with Braddon and starts to believe she regrets their hasty marriage so he stays away from her. Sophia, thinks that Patrick is following the steps of her father, continuing the life of a rake now that the honeymoon is over.

They're both miserable but everytime they make an effort to sort things out, something happens and they go back to where they started. I'm one of those readers who enjoy a couple of misunderstandings that keep a couple apart, thus adding angst and passion in the relationship. In this case however, the plot is nothing but misunderstandings that seem ridiculous after a while. I just wanted to grab them by their necks and shake some sense in them.

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The ending was emotional and sweet however and it's the reason I rated it with 3, rather than 2 stars. Feb 20, Spuffed rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , audible , audible-exceptional-narration. I liked this one-- not as much as the first one in the series but it was enjoyable.

She can switch back and forth seamlessly from a yelling chick to a subdued Dude and then back to narrator voice. I am so annoyed with complaints that narrators shouldn't act out the books but just read them. I think if they got their wish, they'd admit that they are wrong with those statements. What I hate about th I liked this one-- not as much as the first one in the series but it was enjoyable. What I hate about this narrator and I consider "hate" a very strong word , is the affectation she has in drawing out long "e" sounds at the end of sentences.

For instance, "He told her, lovingleeeeeeeeee", "She held him tightleeeeeeee", " See what I mean? This was almost every other sentence and very distracting. I couldn't help but take myself out of the story and wonder if the narrator has any friends if she talks this way in real life. I almost hate to mention this because her narration was so good otherwise-- above and beyond good-- but it's almost as bad as listening to a teenager say, "like" a gazillion times in conversation which is just unbearable to me.

With that being said, I never got used to that affectation and I was constantly forcing myself to look past it, but I did so because otherwise, she was phenomenal!