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The map in the Arabian Caliphate section looks like it cuts off just before showing Lebanon's physical location. Now, the Poster map from the book is a bit more detailed and it clearly looks like Israel has annexed Lebanon. A better explanation is that, much like the real world, borders shifted and power struggles occurred, with Israel taking Lebanon away from Syria.

Crimsondude Freelancer Prime Runner Posts: Nath Omae Posts: CanRay Freelancer Mr.


Johnson Posts: Spouter of Random Words. Well, nukes became less reliable after magic came back. It's not the boogyman it once was. They probably had a bunch of "lesser" magical and military threats that were largely ignored due to Japan pointing and going, "We have a Great Dragon living here, along with some Megacorporations.

Go ahead, piss them off. The point is not that NK tried to nuke Japan and the nukes failed, that is part of the established backstory. The point is that 6WA used the same sidebar twice. And somebody should tell the authors that the coastline of what used to be California " is the canon unless something later retconned it". Since there's no textual mention of Israel taking Lebanon in 6WA, but there does exist a previous canon textual statement that Lebanon was taken over by a country just not Israel , I can only conclude that there was a mistake made and that it is highly likely it is cartographic in nature though there very well could have been an omitted post-Crash 2.

If this confrontation is not stopped it could turn into all-out warfare, spilling out of the shadows and onto the streets themselves. Tom Dowd.

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Jason Chase is a longtime shadowrunner. After many good years, he is trying to get out. While he can Nyx Smith. Prey for the hunter.


For the world of humans knows her as Striper, the deadly Asian assassin and kick-artist. She has come to the City of Brotherly Love seeking revenge and made it her killing ground.

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But she is not the only predator stalking the dark underbelly of the Philadelphia metroplex. There are other hunters prowling the night, and some possess a power even greater than hers. With gangs conquering the streets of Seattle, Rick Larson, doing undercover work for Lone Star, Seattle's contracted police force, finds himself on the wrong side of the law. This simple retrieval becomes ever so more complicated, endangering their lives.

Mage and part-time shadowrunner Serrin Shamander and his companions desperately flee a relentless, demonic enemy out to eliminate humankind from the face of the earth. Now guided by her instincts, the werecat resumes her human guise, reclaims her cub and a strong dose of vengeance, leading her down the trail to dangers of the Rotten Apple aka New York Megaplex Manhattan.

Venturing to the Kingdom of Hawaii when a megacorporate exec demands payment of an old debt, shadowrunner Dirk Montgomery finds himself having to outrun the corrupt factions battling for control of the island. Worlds Without End. Caroline Spector. This story was originally written to conclude the Immortals trilogy; of which the first two parts were Earthdawn novels still unpublished at the time.

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Becoming accidentally involved with shadowrunners, Andy and his disenchanted army major brother, Tom, uncover a sinister web of corrupt politicians and officers that threatens to dismantle the UCAS government. They come to discover that ancient powers are clashing to prevent a secret from being told.

Mel Odom. A small-time mobster wants to go legit—and what better way than manipulating two biogenetic engineering corporations into corporate war? So when a shadowrunning team is brought in by one of the companies to recover vital computer chips believed stolen by the competition, they uncover a tangled plot more devious than anything they could have imagined. Jak Koke. Lisa Smedman. In its efforts to control all information in the Shadowrun universe, a giant corporation inadvertently calls up a violent spirit from another dimension, and only a young girl can save the universe from the ensuing havoc.

Nicholas Pollotta. But when a decker he approached gets her brain fried in the Matrix, Two Bears knows he up to his stout little shoulders in drek. Dragon Heart 1 In this first book of "The Dragonheart Saga", the shocking assassination of newly elected President Dunkelzahn shatters the dawn of a new era for the denizens of the Shadowrun universe.

Now as shadowrunners, Secret Service agents, and mega-corp execs scramble for the reins of power, only a miracle can save the world from total annihilation! Jack Slater and his shadowrunner team are hired to penetrate the high-tech security around a funeral home and retrieve the corpse of a double agent—a hot property that holds the key to an assassination. Dragon Heart 2 The maelstrom of cyber-magic and political intrigue following President Dunkelzahn's assassination rages out of control.

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Ryan Mercury, Dunkelzahn's secret agent, is torn between his duty and his desire to find a killer. But when a spirit wrongly concludes that Ryan is working for the enemy, he anoints a cyberzombie to carry out a hit of its own. Now with an impressive arsenal of allies, weaponry, and the Dragon Heart, Ryan just might pull off the save of the century—if he doesn't lose his life first!

Mama Grande streaked into Leni's life like a nightmare on wheels. Arriving out of nowhere, she claimed to be the ex-Lone Star detective's grandmother, and spouted dire prophecies of rivers of blood and a world in flames. Dragon Heart 3 - The Enemies with unlimited powers, ultimate evil is about to arrive, Ryan Mercury and his runners have only two options left: Victory or Death. Stephen Kenson. If not for his cool carbon-fiber blade concealed in his bones, he would've been dead for sure. What he does know, is that he not who he was anymore. He is now otaku, a technoshaman of the Matrix, with powers over the Matrix similar to what a traditional shaman of magic has over spirits and the natural world.

Now, everyone is after him, he doesn't know why. Michael A. The adventures of Wolfgang Kies, soldier of fortune. Together with a group of cyborg bounty hunters and computer wizards, he assists elf lord Dr.

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Richard Raven in keeping humanity safe from preying monsters—both magical and technological! But crime lord Etienne LaPlante interferes with their vigilantism, preparing to strike at Raven and those who serve him Warren Storey must discover the reason for the plague before time runs out. Top shadowrunner and street samurai Argent meets with a potential client only to be caught in the middle of a deadly corporation crossfire that leaves corpses scattered across the streets.

It turns out the meeting was arranged by Argent's former lover, who is trapped in the Pueblo Corporate Council lands. On the run and hunted by assault teams, she knows that Argent's samurai code of honor will drive him to protect her. But in order to save her, he must confront the secrets of his past, and assemble a rag-tag team of mercenaries to elude the three corporations that have decided everyone involved would be better off dead. Talon must use all his powers and abilities with the aid of shadowrunning friends to unravel the mystery.


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A shapeshifter and freelance agent for the Lone Star police department, Romulus risks his life to save a beautiful amnesiac woman from ruthless drug dealers who are peddling the ultimate high—a magical creature that gives its victims an extraordinary feeling of euphoria before it destroys them. However, things are more than they seem. He gets more than he ever wanted when a routine business trip to Boston lands him at ground zero of a running battle for survival. The combatants: a group of hardened 'runners trying to finish a job, the ruthless anti-elven terrorist group known as the Knights of the Red Branch, and a powerful sorceress who wants revenge upon them all Michael Mulvihill.

Can she handle it? Will she survive to discover the truth? Jason M.

Stephen Dedman. John Helfers. Japan , Malaysia and Hong Kong set the world's accelerated pace of progress, but next door in Indochina and Indonesia it's still last Century. It's a mystery to most, but if you know your drek, you'll find it's a land of opportunity. Anything you want is here. Hell, I even heard of a guy finding enlightenment.