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"Deep Tranquil Healing" Clear Bad Energy, Meditation Music Relax Mind Body, Release Stress & Anxiety

With the power of the mind I can step back and observe what is happening in the body, instead of being caught up in it. Let me listen to my heart with love and honesty. Honesty gives me spiritual power to deal with the situations I have to face.

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But I must be careful not to take on sorrow, for that weakens me. If I keep having pure, positive thoughts and good wishes for myself and for others, then I will be cared for, I will receive power and my mind will become strong and in this way I will help the body to heal.

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Gudrun Baader is a meditation teacher with the Brahma Kumaris who has created and sustained Raja Yoga Centres in Germany and Switzerland for over 30 years. She gives lectures, workshops and seminars in several European countries. Sister Gudrun is currently involved as a teacher and trainer with a women empowerment project supported by the German Government which helps migrant and refugee women learn to have more self-esteem and recognize the inner values of each human being, including themselves.

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Dr. Rossman to discuss 'The Healing Mind' live on AETN

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Description Helping the body with the power of the mind! Read more Read less.

The Healing Mind

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The Healing Mind

View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Events you might like:. Spirituality Class. For example, people tend to get the flu or cold during the "flu season". Why is this?

Healing Mind with Martin Rossman MD *Sustaining*

Is it because the subliminal messages the media is feeding the minds of people. Usually television commercial ads are telling people to "get the flu shot to fight against this years flu" or "receiving the flu shot will protect you against the flu". I also saw a commercial ad about the over the counter medicine, the "sniffling, sneezing, coughing, so you can sleep medicine".

The ad plays sad dark sounding music and depicts a sickly person, who appears to be extremely sick in bed with a swollen nose, rose red cheeks, taking the medicine, then moving to the next frame the music changes to an uplifting sound. The person's appearance is healed and enjoying life as he or she has seemingly beat the "flu" or "cold". I have seen numerous television ads and I have heard many on radio or music platforms.

It is like the media is trying to make people think they need chemical medicines to heal themselves. A while back I decided to stop taking medicine and to allow my body to heal itself naturally. I believe I could heal naturally and did not buy into the "flu season" scare.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

I meditated to elevate my immune system and simply summoned my immune system to protect me. My body possesses the most powerful form of medicine if I simply allow it by believing and willing myself to heal. Of course I fuel my body with natural and organic foods, because I believe my body is my temple. I am sure eating healthy nourishing foods have helped me to remain alkaline and healthy. Every morning I make a medicinal drink that is water, freshly squeezed lemon, greens, turmeric, and cinnamon. I drink this and I tell myself this is my medicine to heal and fuel my body.

The Healing Mind with Martin Rossman, MD

When I meditate I focus on my physical health and I heal my body. I used to rely on allergy medicines to get me through the summer months, but I have not taken any for years and not once have I experienced any allergy discomfort. I believe that my body has its own medicine and I am no longer a slave to Big Pharma.

I was stuck in a state of depression and I thought I would never get out of it. I thought I needed the help of chemical medicines to aid me in balancing the chemicals in my brain. I basically thought myself to be sick and once I freed myself from the shackles of the media lies, I am free of my depression. I healed my mind and I healed my body, I am supernatural in many ways and I believe there is a supernatural being in everyone.

It just lays dormant awaiting to be unleashed and claimed.