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No account? When you purchase a deal your account will be automatically created. Forgot password? Affiliate login. Customer login. HTML5 is all the rage these days.

And for good reason. It's a massively exciting new technology. But it's also not being used properly by many developers today. Whether you haven't embraced the new markup language or you're looking for some insight into how to best use it, this Mighty Deal is for you. Instead, it's a book that looks at the reasons and instances you should use the language. On every other sentence.

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There are tons of "how-to" books, but this book is different. It is not for beginners.

It discusses what works, what doesn't and what you should know about how HTML5 was created. The book goes over all the features in the specification and talks about each one. Some features are great, but some don't do much of anything, and some are actually bad. HTML5 is a great design tool.

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It is an improvement over the previous standards and the book discusses this. But not all features need to be embraced. There were features that I used but didn't see any usefulness in them. And there are obscure features that I don't have to learn in depth because they will likely disappear from use but probably not the spec.

Inspired about HTML5 thanks to “The Truth About HTML5” • Electric Mayhem Solutions

He also talks about the comeback of SVG, which I was happy to learn. Anyone who is working with HTML5 needs to read this book. In this book, Luke Stevens reveals some surprising facts about why HTML5 came in to being and how, and how not, it should be used. Written in his own unique way, you'll be surprised at some of what you learn and enjoy it while you do. Website designers and developers encounter plenty of alternatives from which the best needs to be chosen — which frameworks, libraries and technologies, should we use?

Most of all is the query of cross browser compatibility that comes with rapidly advancing technologies enabling viewing web pages on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. HTML 4 may not provide exact info as the specifications are in development. However in light of rapidly evolving web development technologies, you need to be wary, and keep a tab on the upcoming updates or changes in HTML5, use it in a majority of circumstances. Of course, did you know that doctype honestly is not even certainly required for HTML5?

The truth about structuring an HTML5 page

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