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Upon completing the course, participants would be able to: Develop and implement TLM and BFM techniques in bus protocol designs Design and simulate transactors and BFMs Synthesize and verify transactors and BFMs Who should attend This course is particularly suited for engineers involved with system-on-chip SoC design, verification and testing. Prerequisite Participants should have a degree in electronics and related engineering with an understanding of digital systems.

IPO Valuation Model

Course methodology This course is presented in a workshop style with example-led lectures interlaced with demonstrations and hands-on practical for maximum understanding. Course duration 3 days. No public course currently scheduled. Transaction level model provides the conceptual implementation of the design at higher abstraction level above RTL and is available much early in the design cycle as against RTL, hence, is being used in industries for early software development and functional verification of the hardware.

Transaction level modeling

In this work, we present a methodology to estimate power consumption of an IP at transaction level by capitalizing the existing transaction level model of the corresponding IP. The proposed methodology makes use of SystemC transaction level model not specifically designed with power estimation in mind. We then validate the proposed method against RTL for accuracy and speed. In terms of speed-up, the proposed approach enables 20x faster simulation, hence, faster power estimation compared to estimating power at RTL.

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The accuracy and speed-up of the proposed approach are illustrated through experimental results. Reading a paper check list.

System Design. TLM transaction level modelling.

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Why TLM? In developing new systems with new software and hardware component, the sooner we test the software the less cost will be.

SystemC TLM Models

Usually, using other methodologies, software developers need to wait for the hardware designers to complete the design and testing it and see if their program works. Moreover, if we can focus on a system and its subsystem at communicate and function level then we can see their transactions and then consider them during design.

The truth is designers don't need to know all the details of design to test the functionality but rather how the data transacts.

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